always thinking and preparing for the “what if’s”…i guess i’m kinda quirky weird like that @ times.

origami inspired folded houses by ming tang.




i use to like the mall.


but im finding very often now it’s like a chore too many people, not enough parking blah, blah, blah.


anyway…yesterday i was doing some shopping for my halloween costume and noticed that they had opened an american apparel store down the way.


all excited i go inside because there was a unitard thingy that i saw online that i was hoping they would carry here (null) but as i’m sifting through the racks i start to laugh to myself…all there pieces are starting to look like pieces i use to buy from “units” back when i was in high school…ha


you know…units???



i’ve dropped the name here once before. well, i use to call it the store of colored cotton granimals for adults, all of here pieces were separateded by colors and you would mix and match the patterns you wanted, to get this “layered look”. pretty cute when you put it all together.


but the weird thing is that i started to panic my head started racing. could this be where this store is heading? And how long will the granimal era last? i found a apon there that looked like something that i had made when i was in the girl scouts as a kid. The price: $36.00 (ouch)


all and all i walked out the store nodding my head in disbelief  and shunning the mannequin in the window…thinking it’s all coming back— full circle.






hermes: zembio



alexandre herchcovitch: shoe blog


her gear is cool too…khaki military.


love this hat…





Lacoste Vogue.com