okay i’ll admit it, i wear men’s cologne from time to time.  i,ve been rocking burberry touch for men since its been created. i love! and so did my ex. 

so recently i have been hooked on this new fragrance by Jean Pual Gautier (note: he can do no wrong to me…clothes, fragrance, ect…) called Fluer Du Male.  word is, is that men either love it or hate it–some think its too feminine due to the gardenia,  the hint of vanilla and spice…yet the perfect combo for me.

but you would expect this from a man who has a line of make-up for men…hello.

ladies of all kind try it out.

oh and sean john’s undeniable is pretty good too(no promo…ha)


a must see….diggin the chicks gear too.

 dukey stick live

notice anyone familiar???

-talk to me quick*

i dreamt it.


one about lisa bonet

the other about something that needs to happen quick…too trendy to sit on this shit.

have you ever had like the most vivid dream where you can decribe or sketch the outfit down to the shoes that were worn in detail?

two days in row…..the universe it trying to tell me something, i better go respond.