today as i was shopping for my store i ran across this…..

i collect hands in gesture. this one will go quite well in my bedroom.



cheap! cheap! cheap! lol.

*hey i love big lots–great place to get plastic baggies and stuff.

but i have an major issue with this neon/fluorescent and paten leather craze that is reappearing.

note: when investing in something be aware of its worth.

spend no more than 20 bucks on items that have this content.

trends usually last 6 months to a year–do the math.



……..searching for contemporary furniture for a small sitting area and i thought contemporary woods would be great.

peter loh



this is what i purchased on my vacation out of the states.

remedios varo (1903-1963)

big fan of her work. 

creation of birds


reflejo lunar(my favorite)

yes replica’s…..yes but nice ones and just the fact that i have actual canvas pieces displayed on my wall is fine with me.

hey its better than those torn out pieces of paper from a magazine that i could not even comprehend. (in spanish)

my next purchase

woman leaving the psychoanalyst.

peace yall…..

lol…see you back in a couple of weeks.