so this week im in oakland california visting my sister and friends, on monday we took the bart to the city and did a little shopping. now i always did like her wonderful younger sister store urban outfitters but anthropologie just blew my mind that day, i have been thinking about this store ever since. in tucson, in our only fru fru shopping center up in the hills called “la encantada” we do have one of these wonderful shops but there is no comparison, its like night and day. *this is also giving me another reason to attend that arts and crafts college CCA here in sf-but thats a whole other story*

so as i walk into this shop, quess what song is playing on the radio? “koop”-a jazz band that i just love (thanks gilles petterson)*if you want to hear a few of their songs i’ve got them on my page. so if anyone knows me i am a mannequin toting visual display/merchandising- makes a store look nice typa girl and have been for a long time so it is in my nature to not only look at the clothes but to also check out the way the store is layed out and presented and this particular store was perfect!! proping and different forms of lighting dripping from the ceiling, everything from the clothes to the walls were detailed with something on them, you could spend an hour in one corner of the shop examing it all. i wanted to take pictures…cuz me describing it does it no justice (i should have brought a poet…lol)