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my weekend.


this is ground breaking folks….

the first full figured black “newbie” oscar winning actress to hit vogue…glad to still be alive to see this cover…i remember there was a time when i didn’t see people like myself on covers such as this.

of course i bought the magazine just for that(cuz i don’t read fashion magazines, i don’t need for anyone to tell me what to wear or what i should be wearing)

but i did humor myself by scanning and tearing out pages that i did see that i liked and considered “do-able fashion”

first of all, this shoe is dope…

and will go well with this outfit that i will duplicate for the summer(an inexpensive copy)…..wait a minute…these are the shoes.(honestly i found out right now….they were on totally separate pages???)

wide leg trousers…yes, imma sucker for trousers. maybe? because it’s so hard for me to find them in my right size that i have this sort of fetish for them….????

well said…..


I am more impressed by well-dressed everyday creative people on the street, who can put their clothes together in an interesting manner. Those people are my style icons.
quoted by tricia royal (bits-in-bobbins)

one…..the all stars game. This 2007 game will mark the first time that NBA All-Star is held in a city without an NBA team.



bet you it crazy out there…

i really think so…..