respond to sound


the bridgecrew, akeenteam, zulu nation and the soul brotha’s


a free screening of respond to sound II

August 12 @ the congo room in los angeles

movie will start promptly at 10/ free popcorn during movies duration…

2 rooms/2 vibes


(hmmm?…looks like i ‘ll be takin a trip out to my home town in august….the soul brothas?–hello?..i was there)


i wanna be just like this when i grow up…lol

in due time…daniel-son

(the head of home department likes my work so it just may happen sooner than me thinks)

fire tribal
water close-up (check out that grean chandliar just sittin on the table like that)

air(i love the canopy of blossoms and white branches)
the peacock that holds it all together just sets it off
bollywood (great cheap party plan)



a friend of mine got the dopest present for her b-day a couple of weeks ago from her man and im just so jealous…he gave her a inking machine..sad face*

i’ve been fascinated with tattooing since my first back in 1990 and have been obsessed.

i’ve had this itch since my last tattoo and talking to the dude who was branding me for life…i have had this deep desire to do the same to others.

check out this video…. i love this chick–not your typical tattoo artist…that sh*t rocks…

The Jagger Edge

5 pumps


i was requested to redo the womens shoe walls at my store and i spotted these andy warhol’s….love them…

but i think am going to go with something like this…..

5 pumps by Mark Schwartz



um yeah…just a slight craving….lol.
but i thought that these were stylishly clever…you can wear the cuffs out and about and keep the latch for later…ha. love the color, but can’t seem to find them anywhere…sad face* (even tryed the s&m web sites….those sites–are scary ass shit…lol)