Design on a dime



Remember that show? Well here’s my secret of the trade. Quick fixes or “making do”.  A can of spray paint, and adhere a couple of days before the event. !Warning this a temporary fix, this will not last forever.

~be you, be true and the rest shall follow.


Sewing Envy

















Note from mom…when buying any kind of sewing machine it’s recommended that you buy quality:  Note taken, boy am I paying for it.  (And missing her machine right about now)






feeds water directly to the root

boskke via inhabitat



this is what i purchased on my vacation out of the states.

remedios varo (1903-1963)

big fan of her work. 

creation of birds


reflejo lunar(my favorite)

yes replica’s…..yes but nice ones and just the fact that i have actual canvas pieces displayed on my wall is fine with me.

hey its better than those torn out pieces of paper from a magazine that i could not even comprehend. (in spanish)

my next purchase

woman leaving the psychoanalyst.

peace yall…..

yes. yes.

i know i haven’t been around for a while.

i don’t what to make this blog some kind of random blog where you put up half ass thoughts and unimportant shit such as–“yes i just went to go brush me teeth and oh how i love taking showers”…..

ummm yeah.

the moment has to hit me….it may be a day, weeks, months, before something sparks my interests such as these cropped cardi’s from my favorite store anthropologie…..

     $88 big ones but worth every cent.

I’m always ahead of schedule on my clothing investments….when its july i start shopping for january…..when its january i start shopping for june.