her eyes are unreal…
Masha Tyelna: model

she looks like a replica of a lori earley portrait.

Lori Earley….
one of my favorite pop surrealists of today. i have been in awe of her work for a few years now–she gives a distortion to all of her pieces, everything is a bit exaggerated to where all of her subjects have a slight deformity to them….which i think is dope. if you are in the NYC area around the end of april or the beginning of may you must check her out @ the opera gallery…(and note: im truely hot now….cuz i just spent way too much on a ticket to SF to chill with my sistas and cain’t afford two trips in that same month…grrr.)


as much as i HATE math i love this laptop bag.

the shunya bag(or sanskrit of zero)….inspired by the binary oppositions of zero and one….originated in the mind of the indian mathematician, aryabhat. its usage was later detailed by bramagupta.

site found here.

catchin a case


i finally went to the palm website like one clock this morning and saw this awesomely lovely little thing…..they have like 12 different colors check em out’ and you can get these lovely treats for a mere $144 bucks…sheesh..

this lil card always comes in handy…cuz i caint spell for shit….and no more using up your own memory card on stuff like this…..

and this.



wishing i was in vegas once again….globalshop 2007