i think i had to be in jr high when i got my first pair of these joints.  i don’t know ?  all i do remember was wearing them one summer to magic mountain it was so hot that day it snapped the strap off….what an uncomfortable day that ended up being.

so the “trend” is coming back???and for me…one who has actually been there– sometimes it’s like this cringing feeling comes over you cuz you know how its all gonna play out….. 

 till now…


she put a futuristic/slick feel on a something that can be so guadi…..every once in a while it okay to “frill it up” but please note if your sporting frilly shoes that means you gotta tone down on the rest of your gear.

accessories frilly =’s garments structured with clean lines

and vise-verse. 


this is what i woke up to this morning….

as a former runway model, this is one of your biggest fears.

vivian westwood its known for her 8″ platforms  that also caused naomi cambell to take a tumble back in 93′

……is the news anchors laughs contagious or what?

cha cha brown


<<<hat fanatic here>>>

saw this felt fedora and fell in love.

 ravin style

yes. yes.

i know i haven’t been around for a while.

i don’t what to make this blog some kind of random blog where you put up half ass thoughts and unimportant shit such as–“yes i just went to go brush me teeth and oh how i love taking showers”…..

ummm yeah.

the moment has to hit me….it may be a day, weeks, months, before something sparks my interests such as these cropped cardi’s from my favorite store anthropologie…..

     $88 big ones but worth every cent.

I’m always ahead of schedule on my clothing investments….when its july i start shopping for january…..when its january i start shopping for june.