well, actually i fell in love with this video not today….but tuesday

been in transition all week. hopefully pretty soon i’ll be settled.




whens the last time you’ve even seen a bazaar magazine?

i haven’t seen one in years. i thought they had stop publishing them…uhmmm.


my weekend.


this is ground breaking folks….

the first full figured black “newbie” oscar winning actress to hit vogue…glad to still be alive to see this cover…i remember there was a time when i didn’t see people like myself on covers such as this.

of course i bought the magazine just for that(cuz i don’t read fashion magazines, i don’t need for anyone to tell me what to wear or what i should be wearing)

but i did humor myself by scanning and tearing out pages that i did see that i liked and considered “do-able fashion”

first of all, this shoe is dope…

and will go well with this outfit that i will duplicate for the summer(an inexpensive copy)…..wait a minute…these are the shoes.(honestly i found out right now….they were on totally separate pages???)

wide leg trousers…yes, imma sucker for trousers. maybe? because it’s so hard for me to find them in my right size that i have this sort of fetish for them….????

the pink room….


yes, yes, yes, i’ve been a bit on the sappy side lately…

i don’t know why i’m feeling this way, but yet i know why i’m feeling this way and i’m not going to lie and say that the last entry will be my last sappy moment cause it probably wont be…just warning you now.

but…yeah. the pink room…

about a year ago i was down in los angeles, on one of my favorite streets (rodeo dr), in one of my favorite stores(ralph lauren), and if you have ever been in one of ralph lauren’s houses you’ll want to stay, it’s comfy just like a home and every room has it own theme…well, i walked into this one room and it was full of pink accessories and clothing with a pink pony placed in the middle of the floor at that time i didn’t understand the theme and where it came from?? then, but i understand it now.

do you know there is a higher rate of african american women who actually die from breast cancer than any other race, not because of our dna or anything hereditary but, 1. lack of knowledge and 2. no health care insurance? medical director Harold P. Freeman M.D. and Ralph Lauren are committed in educating, preventing and treating low income communities of breast and prostate cancer. i like that….i mean, me being a big ralph lauren devotee since the mid 80’s and just happy to see that my admiration is not in vain.

now, i know ralph is getting a major tax write off for his efforts, but at least he is going beyond just the typical “pink ribbon” campaign and opening up centers in the hood. but he’s got to expand and build more, one around slauson and broadway in L.A. and maybe another in lancaster ca. also.

(but one thing i’m curious about is low income communities have more than just african americans residing there half or more are hispanic who exist and dwell in these same communities why are they not effected by this?? or are they?? -big sceptic when it comes to the media…
note to self: must look this up.)

yes can you hear my brain ticking? just a little friday night banter…i can’t believe it is friday already??? wasn’t it friday last week? weeks are going by so fast.

Oree-Voree!!!(jada from a different world)