whats best???


last night i was in bed thinking about how some people are good in one one field and juusstt making it in other aspect of this field.

am i making any sense?…lol

okay…say for instance there’s a designer who knows what the trends are/a very good mimic… maybe one step ahead of the masses but not quite an innovator

…but yet she has the know how of the business– how a company should run….is this her calling? to guide the artist?

just a thought…not an organizer, so this was not personal or about me at all.


cheap! cheap! cheap! lol.

*hey i love big lots–great place to get plastic baggies and stuff.

but i have an major issue with this neon/fluorescent and paten leather craze that is reappearing.

note: when investing in something be aware of its worth.

spend no more than 20 bucks on items that have this content.

trends usually last 6 months to a year–do the math.

Hello world!



i did it….

you know how i am with change?….like i do my clothes.