has beens


so im looking up my favorite stores that i use to love to shop in and Judy’s is at the top of my list…while googling this los angeles based retail empire, i got all excited i never new this fashion chain started in 1963–note, i should have known due to the black and white sketched mod chick that was presented on every entrance into their stores….god i loved that rendering i was a little girl back in the 70’s when i first took notice on how cool it was– although i was too young to shop there i had made it a goal to one day sift through their racks

….i fell in love.

my first time was during the early 80’s and what i am reading they fell off during the early 70’s (go figure?)but i think the problem was that their original customer changed–they grew older, not the buyers or designers ideals (which was obviously their excuse for their down fall)but i think this was a hard core trendy store…and the trends shift like clockwork.

and they were right on point when i use to shop there till the early 90’s….i was 16 wearing a size 5. i doubt a 40 year old could have pulled off the monstrosity we were rockin back then  –see through black and white polka-dot baby-doll dress w/a black bra, biker shorts (yes i said biker shorts) and of course my patent leathers.

but to be honest i’d probably kill/murder to go waaayy back in time to 1965 to sift through those racks and view the ambiance of how the store looked before the 80’s….hopefully someone out there has photos and floor-plans that i will continuously look out for.

other “has beens”

  • units-2nd in line
  • contempo causuals (floaters stop shop)
  • banana republic ( during the 80’s when they were all about the natural fibers and the safari gear)..gotta whole blog just waiting to happen on this one.

have a seat….


vintage…but do-able.via bus stop