final fashion you must see her work. my little kept secret.




 well…i really wanted to show you her gear but she doesn’t have any online…booo(thumbs down) jocelyn nguyen  has a knacked of re-altering blazer to cute vests if your in sf area shes at the treasure island festival. i’d show off the vest that i purchased but i’m shy like that, it will be a no go. but i can show the necklace that i purchased…one inch…it has a double meaning for me–pushing towards my goals inch by inch, and or well…i carry i tape measure with me constantly….it’s esential to my job.



i carry this flavor in my purse for a little pick me up from time to time. the best essential oils out yet…you can even cook with them.
















derek lam














catherine holstein–i love her…(i think i have this pattern stashed away-jumpsuits are my thing…)

























lost then found…i love when i find artifacts. unfortunately its missing a piece of cherry wood at the bottom but i kinda like the rawness of that it gives it character.

guess how much i paid for it?