this is what i purchased on my vacation out of the states.

remedios varo (1903-1963)

big fan of her work. 

creation of birds


reflejo lunar(my favorite)

yes replica’s…..yes but nice ones and just the fact that i have actual canvas pieces displayed on my wall is fine with me.

hey its better than those torn out pieces of paper from a magazine that i could not even comprehend. (in spanish)

my next purchase

woman leaving the psychoanalyst.

peace yall…..




a friend of mine got the dopest present for her b-day a couple of weeks ago from her man and im just so jealous…he gave her a inking machine..sad face*

i’ve been fascinated with tattooing since my first back in 1990 and have been obsessed.

i’ve had this itch since my last tattoo and talking to the dude who was branding me for life…i have had this deep desire to do the same to others.

check out this video…. i love this chick–not your typical tattoo artist…that sh*t rocks…

The Jagger Edge

5 pumps


i was requested to redo the womens shoe walls at my store and i spotted these andy warhol’s….love them…

but i think am going to go with something like this…..

5 pumps by Mark Schwartz

her eyes are unreal…
Masha Tyelna: model

she looks like a replica of a lori earley portrait.

Lori Earley….
one of my favorite pop surrealists of today. i have been in awe of her work for a few years now–she gives a distortion to all of her pieces, everything is a bit exaggerated to where all of her subjects have a slight deformity to them….which i think is dope. if you are in the NYC area around the end of april or the beginning of may you must check her out @ the opera gallery…(and note: im truely hot now….cuz i just spent way too much on a ticket to SF to chill with my sistas and cain’t afford two trips in that same month…grrr.)