great performance.


had to do this….


this is sooo how my kids will be at 5 and 9 years old….you think i’m joking….no really.

*important thing i forgot to mention–(that is when i do have kids…)

sha la la la….


i got home from work in the worst mood possible and went in to read up on of my daily blogs and came across a song from queen latifah’s new lp “travelin light”

queen latifah-poetry man

i kinda like it and i can’t stop singing the chorus, it sounds like the theme from “family ties”….

but question?? is the queen is getting “easy listening” on us tho, fine with me–i’ve been veering towards that direction for while now…let alone folk or easy listening was a major part of what i listened to growing up around the 70 and 80’s…yes they had folk in the 80’s.

i know this is a remake why does it sound so familiar? and if so i’ll find that one too.

a must see….diggin the chicks gear too.

 dukey stick live

notice anyone familiar???

-talk to me quick*

respond to sound


the bridgecrew, akeenteam, zulu nation and the soul brotha’s


a free screening of respond to sound II

August 12 @ the congo room in los angeles

movie will start promptly at 10/ free popcorn during movies duration…

2 rooms/2 vibes


(hmmm?…looks like i ‘ll be takin a trip out to my home town in august….the soul brothas?–hello?..i was there)