Sewing Envy

















Note from mom…when buying any kind of sewing machine it’s recommended that you buy quality:  Note taken, boy am I paying for it.  (And missing her machine right about now)



whats best???


last night i was in bed thinking about how some people are good in one one field and juusstt making it in other aspect of this field.

am i making any sense?…lol

okay…say for instance there’s a designer who knows what the trends are/a very good mimic… maybe one step ahead of the masses but not quite an innovator

…but yet she has the know how of the business– how a company should run….is this her calling? to guide the artist?

just a thought…not an organizer, so this was not personal or about me at all.



this is sooo cute! makes me giggle…

no one you know….

i dreamt it.


one about lisa bonet

the other about something that needs to happen quick…too trendy to sit on this shit.

have you ever had like the most vivid dream where you can decribe or sketch the outfit down to the shoes that were worn in detail?

two days in row…..the universe it trying to tell me something, i better go respond.