fashion week vs superbowl


fashion week wins…

was suprised i got a tip that it was even fashion week thanks emjaydee…..and since then it has been on my mind….those who attend, attended, oh joy– those didn’t, surfed the web…. envious… due time…right? but n-ee-wayz…..

la coste….was the main talk of sunday….

who woulda thought… tennis gear here????

geren ford~may be one of my favorites….

a sucker for sci-fi shit….

sas and bide….wait a minute are those pants?? although i’m not into pop couture (too trendy) i found that s & b nailed it…..knock offs will be in the makes…..i’ll wait till their in my price range. if i can wait that long…

chrishabana ~feminity w/ an edge….

d-brown “unisex” gear to me….(can you see it???)

fellas, rock your favorite sandals or karate kicks, ladies, i know their are a couple of pants and shirts w/in this line you could rock w/ your clutch and your favorite wedges and make moves.

alice roi..……..think payless…hmmm??Q?mark?

rags and bones…..
lavinin ~the matured b-boy.

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